We usually tilt the last book on the shelf in order to prevent the books from falling. Likewise, a wide variety of bookends are on the market for the same purpose. This “conscious action” or “auxiliary bookend” is defined as "B" in A’ philosophy, that is: correction.

A + B ── C

Bookshelf' has its own radian, which can keep the books on the shelf to one side without the additional rectification mentioned above. This natural shape makes conscious rectification unnecessary, that is :

A’ ── C

Besides, with this creative structure can support the books on it even if it is made of lightweight materials. That is the emphasis in A’ philosophy ── getting better results with fewer materials.

Finally, the foldable design make it easy to transport and assemble. With the strength produced by the arched board itself, users can easily assemble the bookshelf without punching or screws.
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